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We need pleasure management more than stress management.






“I am a Body – Oriented Therapist – Bodyworker – Deep Tissue Trainer – Rebirther – Teacher – Coach – Consultant with a Self – help focus.” Lux Cochrane

UNICATION reflects what I have been studying, learning, practicing and teaching in Healing Arts for more than 30 years bringing me to the place where I belong.

Professional Stress and Pleasure Management for inspiration/motivation. If you want a Wake Up Call, Tune Up, Jump Start or Overhaul for Physical, Emotional and Spiritual issues or traumas – I can assist you.


My specialty is providing treatments: Emotional/Psychological/Spiritual
Integration, Teaching, Consulting, Complementary Medicine, Counselling, Coaching and Consulting.  I work internationally, currently based out of Bali, Indonesia.
My working background includes both Allopathic or Traditional Western Medicine, Holistic and Alternative Medicine leading to Complimentary/Integrated Medicine Approach, Healing Arts and Education.


Posted by Unication on Saturday, March 19, 2016

Bodywork Treatment/Session Guidelines

– Recreational drugs/alcohol/or large meals right before are not recommended.

– Scheduling 1/2 – 1 hour leisure time before your next engagement is suggested.

– Please note: Appointment Cancellation Policy, unless 24 hours notice is given client will be charged full session price.

– Sessions are very private, confidential and unaccompanied by spouses or friends, unless pre-arranged beforehand.

– Work is done on the whole body on a massage table. The client is draped, under sheet and is semi nude or nude.

– Laughing, crying, shaking and sweating are all forms of discharge that one can experience on the table.

– At the end of the session, there is a 10 min. download experience when deep cognition, and often profound clarity occurs.  Homework (5-10min) gives the session closure.

– Sessions allow our conscious mind to reveal our subconscious mind, and remember things we never wanted to forget.

UNICATION BODYWORK is hazardous to unconsciousness and leads to SPIRIT.

Some Bodywork Testimonials-Local Bali

“That was an amazing session… it is very difficult to ground me, I did take some time out for Lux to work on me, using his Unication technique. Midwives are so nuts-n-bolts, so I was skeptical at first, but my body- once a luxury vehicle, was in desperate need of a tune up, so I told my mind to take a hike, and I relaxed into the work being done. This Unication Bodywork is no joke, you won’t spend sessions in touchy-feely mode, Lux goes right to work, and somehow convinces your mind and body to go to the next, and the next, and the next, level of release to deep healing. All in all I fully recommend Unication Bodywork. Thank YOU so much, Ibu Robin.”Ibu Robin Lim- Midwife & CNN Hero of the Year 2012 (Bali, Indonesia)

“My ‘session’ with Lux was much more than a session. If it had only been breath work, it would have been enough. If it were only structural work, it would have been enough. If it were only the conversation and revelation of mental patterns and true desires… it would have been enough. It was all of that and so much more. A full host of healing techniques wrapped into one, unicated piece. I knew I was in the hands of a master. The depth of Lux’s work could never be summarized in words. I have already referred friends to see Lux, and I will continue to do so. I will make sure they know the intensity and value of what they are signing up for. Lux is the kind of healer who can take any ‘hard case’, and his care goes far beyond a one-off session. I have felt Lux’s dedication to his mission and to the essence of unity in manifesting the vision of Unication.”Andréa Paige, MSc, E-RYT 500–Detox Director, The Yoga Barn, Bali

“I came to Lux with a neck problem but the result of the session was much more than unblocking a neck. I was surprised with the depth and transformative qualities of the work which Lux does. His approach is careful but precise and effective. I’m extremely grateful. Lux is a truly holistic therapist. Constantine Petrof -Ubud

“This is to give my deep appreciation to Lux Cochrane for the exceptional body work in the Unication method, that he has shared with me. As a result I feel more vibrant and my body feels more supple and alive. He is a rare Master practitioner who takes his clients through a unique journey through the physical body,connecting Body/Mind through Spirit and breath, freeing the Whole person of tensions in the most immediate and powerful way I have experienced. I highly recommend working with him. Margot Anand- International best selling author and Master Tantric Practitioner-Ubud

“Lux’s bodywork is a healing and transformational experience. He tunes into the musculature and subtle energetics of the physical and emotional bodies in order to facilitate balance and integration. His touch is sensitive and strong, allowing the body to find it’s optimal level of health and vitality. I highly recommend his Unication Bodywork to anyone who wants a deeply healing experience.” Emerald Starr, Jasri, Bali”.

“I was referred to Lux through 2 friends who had life-changing sessions with him and I knew immediately that I had to go. I had been feeling blocked creatively and at a personal crossroads in my career. Unication is brilliant…just what my body, mind and spirit was desperate for. I have never encountered such a holistic method the likes of Unication.  The work is like a key to unlock hidden rooms inside that store all those limiting beliefs, stacks of grief, fear and worry. Instantly my body responded! Finally someone was helping me get access. Five minutes into it I was deeper into my experience than I have ever been able to go with all the methods I have tried.Astounded at the power of what was unfolding I eagerly booked several more sessions with Lux and he masterfully guided me to my biggest breakthroughs, releases and integration of my old deeply buried issues. I feel free! Lux has even become a great friend in this journey! Thank you I am so very grateful I met you and received this profound work.Ka’Haiya Sophia-Ubud

“Thank you again for the session. These are my impressions.From time to time, the usual annoying life challenges conspire to rob me of my vitality, tranquility, and health. Then I need a session with a healer. But a good healer, who has mastered one technique, is hard to find. That is why I use a team of healers.But Lux is a one-stop shop; a session with Lux is like having a team of specialists, because he has, in his long career, mastered technique after technique. He is like a virtuoso pianist, he can change key, improvise, shift mode, he plays dynamics from gentle “piano” to powerful “fortissimo”. In my session, Lux worked with breath, emotion, manipulation, deep massage, and several techniques of his own invention. And I felt that he had more methods in reserve, if I needed them.I especially liked his poetic “implants” and “probes”. The manipulation and deep massage straightened me up and opened me out. He kept my attention on my heart and on my breath, thus keeping my rationality at bay. He was very gentle with my most personal problems, his room felt like the safest of sanctuaries. Lux is a wonderful healer.” Ken Cooke, Ubud, Bali.

“I decided to call Lux about an old injury that was affecting me. After a lifetime of professional dancing, circus aerial arts, gymnasts falls, and surviving 10 car accidents, I have gone to a plethora of healers and practitioners for help. I’ve had 10 rolfing sessions and an atlas correction all of which has been amazing….However, none of these even compares to the style and fusion that Lux, masterly brings to his sessions of healing. With his hands and words and training, I was able to connect layers of deep traumas and injuries and thinking patterns that held me blocked without even being aware….a practice that I love. I released with sighs, breaths, cries, sweats and screams….terrified and elated at the intense healing I was receiving and getting after such a long time. WOWed….I would recommend Lux to everyone! I couldn’t have reached a new height of being without his medicine. Which comes from his ability to bring unity and peace to the body, psyche and soul. THANK YOU LUX!” Dancing Gypsy Angel-Yoga Barn Practitioner -Dance, Hatha Flow, Meditation, Pilates, Restorative, Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Nidra ~


It’s worth mentioning that testimonials are subjective and sometimes like wanting to share your Ayahuasca experience with others. Part of their purpose and intent on this site are to provide some awareness of the depth and scope of UNICATION BODYWORK  for appreciating what it is and what is possible-enjoy.


                                     Some International Testimonials

“Lux certainly has special talents and could be described as unique. He has the ability to deal with often unknown issues and problems in a very simple process. I have no hesitation in recommending you to try a session with him. I have referred over 75 friends, colleagues and staff and had some fantastic reports back; if you have anything at all bothering you, contact Lux and he will certainly help you feel better, more confident in yourself and / or deal with any past history issues you are carrying. Just try him.”

Bryan Lunt – Absolute World Group, Chairman & CEO (Hong Kong)

“I would like to advise anyone and who seeks dramatic physical, psychological and spiritual improvement to seek out the care, guidance and expertise of Mr.Cochrane. Over the course of a year, he not only helped me physically, but also profoundly changed my attitude about other people and the world around me. Gone is my negativism and worries about life and the world around me. I can approach each day with pure joy, pure love and with a purely positive attitude about whatever life throws in my path. You can trust Lux with whatever troubles you.”

Jason Mayeroff- 2002 Bangkok International Marathon Champion.

“I have been receiving body work from my father since I was a teenager. Our relationship continues to amaze me. He is not just my dad. He is not just my teacher. He is not just my friend. He is many things and thank God for that. I understand now why he has continued to remind me of this freedom that we can offer each other.I can see how so many people say “Lux’s work has changed my life”. I know that not only this session and the process of receiving and learning how to participate with my father in this work is crucial to the unfolding of my path.

I have always been amazed that my father can work on me because in the past much of my unresolved issues were to do with him. Now I see that all these issues have always been mine and he is able to do this work because he is only holding space and acting as a vehicle for a much greater process……I am finally seeing who he really is……

The physical was just part of this amazing process. The emotional release and mental re-programing that I experienced was the most revealing. Using a didactic process that my father has crafted ,the session came together like a beautifully wrapped present. I have seen him get better and better over the years. I am so excited that he finally has a product that he can offer the world that utilizes and communicates the plethora of knowledge he has gained over the past 30 years.

The homework and the follow up with my dad are even more important for the changes to last. The gift has been given but only I can take advantage and make use of it…….

My father could be a complete stranger and I would say all the same things. I believe that this work is accessible for everyone who is willing. Let’s use the resources that work and never look back on the past. We are here now without our stories! We are so much bigger than our limited thoughts………                 Every perceived sacrifice, pain, and doubt I have experienced on this road to Bali has melted because the truth is, my dad and I are perfect as is. We always have been. He is my father, teacher, friend and he is here to show me my own beautiful reflection.”TaraJoyMacKeiganDivine Daughter-Sudent-Teacher-Educater-Dance Movement and Expressive Arts-Lost and Profound Conspirator and Paired Winged Fish In Motion Reflector.   (Thank you for sharing Tara Joy, my dearest daughter, Real Love Never Ends-Cheers Dad.)

“Working with Lux was beautiful, powerful and profound. He merged breath work, body work and inner inquiry seamlessly together for the sake of a holistic healing experience. Old limiting beliefs and childhood pains were released. My breath, heart and chest found new expansion and freedom and afterwards I was left with a light, loving, effortless feeling that was very positive in it’s effect on my life afterwards. Greater confidence in my True Nature arose. As a healer and spiritual counselor myself, I would greatly recommend Lux as a professional and skillful healer, working on many levels at once, reflecting back to us what truly IS. Amara Samata-Healer, Revealer, Master Trainer, Groups & Private sessions, Dharma Consultations

“I wanted to tell you about this friend of mine from Bangkok . His name is Lux and he does an integrated form of body work and emotional release that combines his years of experience in a variety of alternative therapies. He has a practice in Bangkok and works on everyone from cancer patients to people with old, physical injuries, to those in the emotional throws of too many years of painful relationship.This is not traditional therapy, nor is it simply body work. It operates on the principle that our physical bodies store emotional memories (of injury as well as specific, emotional memories) and that, as we release the painful ones, we are more free in both our emotional and physical bodies.”Dawn Delvecchio,USA ~

“Lux is definitely a powerful healer. He has had a great part in changing my life forever, I am very grateful. I am looking forward to see him again in the near future, and wish he would start his own center. He is a great gift to humanity.” With Love and Respect Lili Zafar ~ California”

“Lux Lawrence Cochrane is not only the best bodyworker I’ve ever encountered, the experience of his work has been singularly transformative in my life. His work is profoundly life-changing and consciously unorthodox. It was like having my bio-SIM card replaced. He will challenge any disbelief you have about the transformative power of touch and compassion.” Ricardo Emil Klecka ·USA

“This is to give my deep appreciation to Lux Cochrane for the exceptional body work in the Unication method, that he has shared with me. As a result I feel more vibrant and my body feels more supple and alive. He is a rare Master practitioner who takes his clients through a unique journey through the physical body. Connecting Body/Mind through Spirit and breath freeing the whole person of tensions in the most immediate and powerful way I have experienced. I highly recommend working with him.” Margot Anand- International best selling author and Master Tantric Practitioner.

Introductory Unication Yoga (private and group)

This is an active class suitable for beginners and intermediate, exploring different postures (Asanas) designed for people who think Yoga is too hard or not for them. It gives you an aerobic workout ,cleanse your nervous system, and introduce you to the energizing “Breath of Fire” and the relaxing “Rebirthing” circular heart centered breath. Energy flow and release is emphasized more than form or details. Focus on heart and feelings rather than head or thinking creates a light, energetic, meditative mood. It is followed by a guided relaxation and “Do-in” self-mass age session to stimulate the body’s meridians. This psychic detox leaves a clean, bright, peaceful buzz, and makes 2 hours seem short.

“Unication Yoga is created to compliment Bodywork and support making home where your heart is.” – Lux Cochrane


“Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” Rumi



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