Love is Always Clear


The first Unication Blog is birthed-It’s In the nick of time
here and now-From the communal stash of memory.
July 4th 2014 Ubud Bali

Welcome to Unication- a relatively new word in language.
it means “Communication that creates Unity with yourself, others and Divine Spirit Nature.”

It comes out of the Blue and is Body/Mind/Spirit Integration.
Unication is A Conspiracy, Opportunity, Invitation, Inquiry, and Intention.
A process Tool For Heart connection to reduce entropy and increase love.
It is a Trinity synthesis-It’s time is now.

Unication was entrusted to me through directed serendipity
In the early 1990’s to express the direction and evolution of my work in the healing Arts was taking me.
Body/mind/spirit integration.

It was dawning on me and my experience, that the body is the easiest thing to heal. It has become clear that our psychology/thinking, emotions/feelings including awareness of Soul/Spirit is where the most challenging issues lie and are the hardest to get real help with.

Body oriented education, rather than therapy and self help focus was more what I wanted for myself and my clients. When we are turned back on to ourselves and show up for ourselves we truly have something that we can share with others.

To have the intention to help others helps, we can’t give what we don’t have.
Allowing yourself to receive what you want to give is not selfish. It is necessary and intelligent.

I am glad Unication found me.
It is not really about me yet i am included.
The best thing about unication is everyone gets to be their own leader and is still free to follow or resonate where their heart sings.

Unication propositions or invitations;

Unication supports recognizing your needs are as important as mine.
And mine are as important as yours is an agreement we want to make and treat each other that way.
The father of non violent Communication-Marshal Rosenberg is a major unication mentor.
So are Byron Katie and Leonard Orr.

In fact when you think about Unication as being a process that creates unity with yourself, others and divine spirit nature, we are so blessed with an abundance of unication tools. Yoga, meditation, martial arts, physics, greensmoothies, music, dance, sex, children, ceo’s and you, to mention a few.

This unication site is dedicated to give the unication invitation.

If you are a unication supporter and practitioner and want to help create a wellness/growth center anywhere in Asia, especially Bali, working cooperatively and interdependently with other people of like mind in one location to create a template for sharing with others please contact me.

I have been blessed with friends, supporters, clients, colleagues and mentors. This blog is a work in progress and an invitation to unicate. has been a mix of my personal Unication Bodyworks and the Unication movement. In the near future my work page will be located at A work in progress.

Unication inquiry is a powerful tool to receive and to give
A Unication Axiom-
Home is where the heart is not where the head is.
A head with a heart is a force to be reckoned with.
A head with no heart is a force to be reckoned with.
What do you reckon’ ?

I am ready to step up to the plate to teach The Unication method for integrating and healing psychological, emotional and spiritual issues for your tool kit.

I have been learning, practising and teaching healing arts for more than 30 years.I am starting to get the hang of it. With your help and support there no telling what we may accomplish.

Creating a wellness center, school, temple, garden is a great place to start.
shall we meet there ?

The sun never says after all these years of shining on the earth, you owe me.
Think about a love like that, it lights the whole sky.

If there is anything I have that you want, make sure you ask me for it, because if I can, I want to give it you.

Love Is Always here.

The sun is always shining even when it rains,
birds are ever singing while moths fly into flames.

The mind’s a drunken monkey trying to catch its tail,
Spirit moves through us in our souls we sail.

Near or far, may you be graced,
wherever you are let love embrace.

If you slip or lose your your way, oh forgiveness shine.
happiness is childs play, its here all the time.

Much love to my daughter, son and sister, friends and teachers..
namast-Love Is Always Clear-cheers Lux

This song is dedicated to The Love that loves to love and the Baby That Lives In All our hearts- cheers, Love Is Always Here

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